Club One Opera DaNang, the premier prize-winning electronic game center in Danang, is located at 2nd floor of One Opera Danang Hotel - the very first 5 star hotel in Danang. With the state-of-the-art gaming machines such as: Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Slots and more


Equipped with advanced sound system, Karaoke room is the place to help you create energy, entertainment space with friends and relatives. With a capacity of 20 guests and light banquet service, birthday decorations accompany, this will be an ideal venue for intimate parties with friends.

Spa & Massages

Spa & Massage with large spaces, luxury interior design, modern equipment for relaxation and recuperation, a steam room with dry herbal steam, and separate hydraulic massage facilities with a team of professional technicians providing enthusiastic and attentive service. You will have quiet moments of privacy to relax in comfort after hours of hard work to restore your health. 

Pool & Gyms

Swimming pool situated with an area up to 100m2, the out door swimming pool is a ideal place for you to relax while enjoying the fresh breeze of the sea.
Gyms is designed with convenient fitness equipment. You will have the moments of relaxation, bodybuilding in an open space with fresh air of the sea.

Beauty salon

The Beauty Salon presents various choices for personal beauty treatment including hairdressing, nail treatment, pedicure and also facial treatment. The French oils and cosmetics used only at this Beauty Salon make the treatment here unique and unparalelled.

Office for lease

One Opera Hotel is one of the leading companies in office for lease service in Da Nang. 
With many years of experience, One Opera Hotel is an Ideal Choice for all companies.
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